Complete Solutions at No Risk

Our approach is to provide clients with realistic strategic sourcing services based on real world experience that are implementable, not just theoretical, utilizing our extensive knowledge as procurement and supply chain professionals. We believe that our clients’ company know-how combined with our broad experience and business knowledge produces the best results. Our services include…

Opportunity Assessment

We achieve reduced costs by identifying areas of savings with a "no-cost" spend assessment. Key categories are ingredients, packaging and indirects.

Should- Cost Modeling

We utilize our market knowledge and should-cost modeling to review and identify savings opportunities.

Strategic Sourcing Process

Customers have 100% decision making on selecting supplier scenarios savings, and we are there to assist during the savings implementation.

Contract Management

Moving from an agreement on business terms to a signed contract requires skill. We handle this, along with the contract issue resolution on behalf of our clients.

Purchasing Cooperatives (MRO)

Collaborative buying power with no minimum volume commitment. There are no fees and members can leave the program at any time.

Tiger Team Deployment

We have learned that by joining our clients' company knowledge with our broad experience produces the best results in a team environment.

Hedging/Risk Management

Commodity risk management services designed to manage risk, minimize the impact of volatility, control input costs and work toward the goal of enhancing margins.

Packaging Engineering Expert

Achieving maximum value at minimum expense is critical for success. Earlier in his career, our Managing Director oversaw the packaging engineering at Nestlé. 

Packaged Food Material Experts

Ingredient and packaging procurement leadership that has managed procurement departments at several "Fortune 500" packaged food companies (US & global).

Pet Food Material Experts

Ingredient and packaging procurement leadership that has managed procurement departments at several leading pet food manufacturers (US & global).

Weekly Market Reporting

Our objective is to provide reliable and timely commodity market reporting that affords our subscribers with relevant information to make informed decisions.

Policy & Procedures

Establishing and maintaining purchasing policies and procedures is one of the key factors in having a successful procurement organization. 

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